Allergies & Sensitivities


Since our inception, The Studio School has been highly responsive to the needs of students and other members of our community who have food allergies or other sensitivities. In entrusting your child to our care, please know that, at Studio, the health and safety of each student is of paramount importance.


So that Studio may keep each child safe, the school surveys the parents of enrolled students before the beginning of each school year to learn about each child’s food, animal, or environmental allergies or sensitivities and food preferences. Once our designated health and safety administrator has received information from a family, she will call the family to review that information with them, and also talk with the child’s doctor if the child has allergies or sensitivities that may require medication. For students with more severe allergies that are potentially life-threatening, the child’s teacher, program head, and the safety administrator will meet with the child’s parents to develop an allergy plan tailored for that child.


It is the responsibility of the parent to immediately alert our health and safety administrator about any allergy-related experience, change of medication, and any new information concerning their child’s allergies. An online allergy form can be found in the Forms Library of the Parent's Page. See 'Parent Login' at top of this page.


The Studio School cares for children in all ways – intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically; our vigilance regarding allergies and sensitivities is a very important extension of this all-encompassing care, and in addition, helps each child learn to take charge of his or her allergies in a safe and sensible manner. logo