Dear Friend of The Studio School:


I was looking for a preschool for our son, Kabir, when I happened upon The Studio School's website in early 2015. Soon after, I toured the school and returned home to enthusiastically convince my husband about the wonderful school I had seen. Without hesitation, we applied that very evening!


We are thrilled to wake up to a cheery and eager Kabir every day. He dashes out of the house to get to school and runs through the doors on 95th Street, into the School and his classroom, full of other children bubbling with excitement.


Before the graduation ceremony in June, I was moved reading Silhouettes, the graduates‘ literary journal, and was compelled to attend the ceremony, despite a scheduling conflict. It was reaffirming to listen to the graduating students, who spoke articulately and with maturity, and really understood what it means to be students, friends, and human beings. It offered me a glimpse into the future we want for Kabir and further validated our decision to choose The Studio School for him.


The School is that rare institution fostering both academic excellence and excellent human beings. It's inspired me to imagine The Studio School - India, where students might have opportunities similar to the ones that we are thrilled Kabir is enjoying.


Our lofty goals for our children require investments of time, role models (including parents, teachers, friends, and others), and financial support. The Annual Fund is the first and most important annual gift that we ask all members of the Studio School community to make, as it provides critical funding to support every program, every teacher, and every student.


We invite you to join us in kicking off the Annual Fund for 2016-2017 as we strive to raise $85,000. We look forward to your participation, regardless of size. Together, we are The Studio School, and we hope that we can achieve 100% participation in this effort to continue to own it together.



Kaveri Joshi & Vishal Apte

Your support of the Annual Fund will help today’s students go on to teach others all the lessons they’ve learned at
The Studio School.

Annual Fund


Launched in November each year and concluding the following spring, the Annual Fund appeal is made to the entire school community of parents, past parents, alumni, and friends. This yearly fund provided unrestricted funds for the day-to-day operations of the school. The Annual Fund bridges the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating each child. It supports all areas of the institution, including academics, art, drama, operations, and financial aid. The Annual Fund is launched each fall with a defined financial target and a goal of 100% parent participation.


Our son Kabir

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