Circle of Friends


If you plan for a year, plant rice.

If you plan for ten years, plant trees.

If you plan for a century, educate your children.

—Chinese Proverb


In the spring of 2007, a group of visionary parents, alumni, administrators, teachers, staff, and friends of The Studio School took steps to begin the tradition of our honored Circle of Friends. Committed to providing an unshakable foundation for the development of education for children, their leadership and enthusiasm were truly inspiring!


Today, the Circle of Friends includes over 100 friends, many of them renewing their memberships yearly. All members are dedicated to supporting the long-term growth of the School, using their talents and abilities to create wider recognition for Studio in the larger world, providing financial support for ongoing expenses and capital projects, helping plan events, and finding inviting ways to introduce new families to our community. They bring their rich perspectives, amazing talents, and generous spirits to Studio by serving as active participants in the Circle of Friends. As we move forward, we are deeply grateful for their commitment and influence.


Come look at our ever-growing Circle of Friends display in our lobby.


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