Early Childhood – Preschool

Ages Three through Five (Kindergarten)


In these years of immense change, children meet the world with imagination, inquisitiveness, conflict, and desire.


Play is a child’s work and offers children the opportunity to make sense of their internal and external world. Open-ended materials and guided activities stimulate creativity and thinking. In Work Period, with a teacher’s deft guidance, each student has the experience of taking a project from start to finish. Children build with wooden unit and large outdoor blocks daily and trips are planned so that they can bring their new observations about the world into the classroom. Other aspects of the curricula are music, movement, reading, foundations of math, natural sciences, art, and cooking. At Studio, they may work in solitude, and with others: they laugh, sing, cry, tell and listen to stories, run, jump, skip, fight over a toy and talk it out, build, paint, work with clay, and speak, knowing that they are heard and understood. The cognitive and social skills we teach in these early preschool years are essential for a child’s further academic learning.


Early Childhood*

Threes and Fours:

Fours and Fives:


* Early Childhood and Elementary School classes dismiss at 12:30pm on Wednesdays.



16 students | 8:1

16 students | 8:1



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8:20am – 3:00pm


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