Gingko Leaf Gallery

Gingko Gallery


The Gingko Gallery was established in 2009, with the mission to bring us together to recognize the artist in everyone, and to have a space in which to share our artistic expressions with one another.


Exhibits are made up from the work of artists within the school community, and displayed in the gallery on the Lower Level of the school building. Participating artists generously donate a percentage of the proceeds from sales to the school. Exhibitions to date include: Work(s) Period 2009; Work(s) At Home 2011; and Mosaic Work(s) 2013.


Gingko Leaf Gallery

In 2014 we premiered our Gingko Leaf Gallery at the Multicultural Festival for our own students of The Studio School. The work the students created was on display during the Multicultural Festival and was later used to create uniquely crafted items for our 42nd Annual Gala auction, as well as “The Big Book,” a one-off publication with a photograph of every piece of art from the Ginkgo Leaf Gallery.


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