2017 Annual Haiku Competition


Congratulations to our five students and two teachers who were selected as 2017 finalists for the Annual Haiku Competition at the United Nations International School. This is a treasured tradition that receives nearly 1,000 entries from across the nation. Since it's inception seventeen years ago, we have had Studio poets recognized as finalists and winners and we are proud to have Abebaw, Cameron, Jack, Michael, and Rosemary awarded with Honorable Mentions in the Elementary and Middle School Divisions. In the Teacher’s Division, Ms. Mabey was awarded second place and Ms. Bennett third place.


on my clothes - piff!

a snowball hits me




I hear talking


in the summer




the winter breeze

blows in my face




moon shining brighter

belly craving

than ever tonight


strong wind takes the shot

blows it around the rim and in

buzzer goes off




I place the shell up to my ear

the ocean whispers

years of secrets

—Ms. Bennett



the counter sparkles

the dishwasher hums

one dirty spoon

—Ms. Mabey logo