Parents & The Learning Process


Studio parents bring a warm and generous spirit to our community, adding a dimension that keeps us moving forward. The involvement of parents is one of the strengths of our school and we support and value their full participation.


The Studio School is dedicated to working with families and partnering with parents in promoting their child’s well-being and academic growth. We have found that when parents experience the education process along with their children, they are more able to fully trust their own instincts, informing and deepening their family interactions.

The School holds a number of meetings and conferences throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to attend these meetings to further their understanding of their child’s progress and development. Studio also offers an innovative parent-to-parent program, Parent Connection, which is especially designed to help parents work through any issues that emerge as they engage in our educational approach.


Parent Development Meetings

Ms. Rotter, Head of School and an expert in education and child development, leads Parent Development Meetings twice a month, which are open to all Studio families. These meetings offer parents a unique opportunity to develop their instincts and skills in understanding and being attuned to their children and families. Parents discuss their concerns, questions, thoughts, and feelings about stages of development and human relationships. Topics that may arise include sleeping, temper tantrums, managing friendships, home routines, and the struggle for independence. Ultimately, the goal is for parents to become more aware of the dynamics that arise in living and working with growing children.


Group Curriculum Meetings

The Studio School Heads of Program and teachers lead Group Curriculum Meetings for each Program (Early Childhood, Elementary School, and Middle School) each trimester, which all parents are strongly encouraged to attend. These meetings give parents a chance to meet with one another in a group, together with their child’s teacher. It is an opportunity for parents to learn about the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional stages of each age group. Parents also become familiar with the course of study for each age group and class, as well as the progression of concepts from one stage to the next. Group Curriculum Meetings give parents a greater understanding of how Studio’s unique approach facilitates the assimilation and integration of concepts and skills, as well as the cultivation and enhancement of special interests and talents.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher Conferences are held thrice yearly, near the end of each school trimester. These Conferences address the growth and development of the child, including his/her learning process and academic progress. Additionally, the educational plan for the coming trimester will be discussed. Although it is expected that contact between parents and teachers will begin in September and continue throughout the school year, Parent/Teacher Conferences offer a focused and attentive setting in which the teacher and parents have the time to address important issues in greater depth. Parents are welcome to request additional meetings.


Educational Facilitation Meetings

These meetings provide supervision and support to The Studio School parents, students, and staff, and assist members of the community in learning about our approach, and how to implement it at school and at home. If parents have questions, or wish to discuss issues pertaining to their child and family, they may contact the school to arrange a meeting with our educational facilitator.



We warmly invite parents to express their unique talents, skills, and abilities by volunteering for our many educational and social events. logo