Studio Players Theatrical Production

Our annual spring Studio Players production has become a highly anticipated event.


From writing, to acting and singing, designing and producing, the Middle School children integrate all that they have studied throughout the year into an original play, often a musical, that transforms our gymnasium into the Studio Players Theatre.


This year's production by the Middle School students was entitled Refresh, Reboot, Reconnect and was an original musical.


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Program Notes

More than 2,500 years ago the Ancient Greeks started a tradition of holding annual theatre festivals, where original comedies and tragedies debuted to eager audiences. The use of drama as a method of storytelling was appealing because these playwrights of long ago understood that it was a means of investigating their world, as well as an exploration of what it means to be human. In the same spirit, we present to you our eleventh annual original Studio Players production, Refresh, Reboot, Reconnect.


Since the beginning of the year, the children have been thinking and talking about humanity, and seeing that people need to understand and connect to each other in order to develop as individuals and to progress as a society. In their discussions in the fall, ideas emerged that were influenced by the notion of hope in the face of uncertainty during an election year. The winter months brought forth the concept that a condition of being human is an inherent drive to discover possibilities in life. This production is an expression of their studies, their journeys, and their commitment to each other.


Every aspect of the children’s work and progress this year is reflected in the story of Refresh, Reboot, Reconnect. It is an integration of their development and their studies. You will hear and see elements that have inspired them, including literature such as My Antonia by Willa Cather, physics and astronomy experiments, strategic thinking and logic problems, game-playing, and their fascination and ease with computers.


From their earliest discussions about what to consider for this year’s play, the children were decisive in wanting to include a Greek Chorus, which grew out of our reading of The Birds by Aristophanes. Using our play’s Corner Café workers and customers as a Greek Chorus highlights the importance of people gathering together. It also gives the children opportunities to sing, dance, and act while providing commentary on the actions and events going on around them. This brings a deeper and more meaningful connection between the characters on stage and you in the audience.


With enthusiasm and a deep commitment to bringing forth an original story, the children hope you will connect with their play. logo