Summer Program


Every summer Studio offers several different age-appropriate programs for children ages 1-13.


Sign up for a relaxed and joyful summer, full of exciting projects, under the guidance of our warm and experienced staff in and out of our air-conditioned building.

Choose from three distinct programs, each designed to offer children a delightful and action-packed summer.

Children who stay for the afternoon swim four times a week.

Healthy snacks are provided for all. Children in the full day programs bring their own lunches.


Morning Fun: Ages 1–3, Tuesday – Thursday, 9:00 – 11:30 am

Throughout the morning, children engage in fun-filled activities, such as singing, painting, and cooking. In our sunny outdoor yard, they splash in kiddie pools and sprinklers.


Discovery Days: Ages 3–6, Monday – Friday, mornings or full day

Children invent and experiment as they bring their imaginations to life through individual and group projects with nature and the arts.

The mornings include splashing in kiddie pools and sprinklers in our sunny outdoor yard.

Children who stay for the afternoon play outdoor sports and games, and have swimming lessons four days a week in a nearby saltwater pool.


Summer by Design: Ages 6–13, Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Design your own summer experience. Children choose from captivating weeklong workshops in visual arts, music and recording, technology, theatre arts, and culinary arts, and participate in trips around the city related to their interests.

Four days a week they have swimming lessons at a nearby saltwater pool.

Please calculate your total then send your check or money order payable to:

The Studio School

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